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The city of Kalyazin is located in the north-east of the Tver region, slightly less than 200 km. from Moscow. It stands on the shore of the Uglich reservoir, filled with the Volga River, at the confluence of the last rivers Puda and Zhabni. It is one of the settlements of the Tver region and is the administrative center of the Kalyazinsky district. At present, 13,0 thousand people live in this urban settlement. (2017).

The first mention of the settlement on the site of the present Kalyazin, which was called Nikola on Zhabne, dates back to the 12th century. The economic situation of this settlement was strengthened in connection with the erection in the XV-XVI centuries. on the opposite bank of the Volga of the Kalyazin-Troitsky (Makaryevsky) monastery. The famous traveler, the Tver merchant Afanasy Nikitin, in his work "The Journey of the Three Seas" mentioned his visit to Kalyazin on his way to India in 1466
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In Kalyazin there is a fairly large number of hotel-type establishments. Mini-Hotel Kalyazin, located in the green zone relatively near the city center, offers 30 rooms of different price categories. The room is equipped with everything necessary for living. The hotel has its own restaurant. Near the shore of the Uglich reservoir is a yacht club with a parking lot for boats and yachts.

Near the city on the banks of the picturesque river Zhabnya is the park-hotel "Paluba", focused on providing a family holiday. The hotel has 30 rooms and a restaurant for 100 guests. There is a conference hall, a summer verandah, a billiard room, a sauna. The territory has a berthing area with a parking lot for riverboats and a boathouse for storage of equipment. You can also stop in the guest houses and recreation centers "Guest House", "Village House at Makarevskaya", "Embankment on Buyan", "Juniper", "Nerl", "Embankment".
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В городе есть интересный памятник Скопину-Шуйскому, выигравшему в начале 17 века сражение под Калязиным. Памятник представляет собой установленные друг на друга гранитные камни. На верхнем камне расположен портрет военачальника. Венчает памятник орел с расправленными крыльями, топчущий вражеские знамена.
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