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Зволле, когда-то был могущественным торговым портом.
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"Vito's" is an excellent Italian restaurant with very good food and a great atmosphere. This is a fairly popular restaurant among locals, despite their small size. For a budget meal in the restaurant provides a menu with a fixed price. In addition, the restaurant has "happy hours" with good discounts. "De Koperen Hoogte" - this is actually 2 restaurants in the converted building of the former water tower. One is at street level, the other is at the top in an old water tank. In both restaurants very good food. From the windows of the upper establishment, there are stunning views of Zwolle.

For many years, the restaurant "Librije" was recognized as the best restaurant in the Netherlands and has three Michelin stars. If you want to dine at this institution, you should book a table in advance in a few months. If the reservation is not possible, do not worry, you can also go shopping for groceries in the grocery store Librije. The name of the restaurant "De Buik van Parijs" translates as "belly of Paris". This cozy French bistro with classic French cuisine dishes, such as onion soup, escargot, quiches and pancakes.
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Лучший туристический сезон - лето
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