, 09.05.2018
Стеклянный храм, наверно очень красиво!
, 07.05.2018
The dish of Naxi Ambeng comes from Indonesia, but it quickly became an integral part of the local cuisine in Johor. Traditionally served as part of the ordinary diet in street trays. Its distinctive feature is the mihun, which is served with rice, as well as its variety of ingredients, depending on the whim of the cook. Most often in Nabba Ambang combines aromas of coconut cream curry with crispy, brown coconut flakes. Hainan chicken chop in Johor Bahru beats for the right to be called the best chop in Malaysia. In the Johor bar, the chop is served without baked beans, as is traditionally done in this dish. You will simply enjoy a crispy, crumbly, golden-colored chicken chop and a light flavor of the sauce. The city does not even serve ketchup for a chop, instead you will bring chili sauce, in case you want to add a dish of piquancy.

Pepes is a popular dish from local street vendors. They are prepared on a coal grill from fish paste, most often from ikan tenggiri (Spanish mackerel). The portion of the dish is wrapped in a banana leaf and can contain a different variety of mixtures with fish paste; some traders add to the pepes fruit for a sweeter taste. Satya Java all the inhabitants from Ampang to Melaka love the old kind smoky sati. But sati java in Johor is one of the main and favorite dishes among locals, especially for a festive breakfast. To pieces of cook's meat add coconut leaves to add a slightly tender-sweet flavor. In addition, a more aromatic marinade is used, which is not similar to the trend of marinating. Nasi Biryani is juicy pieces of meat, abundantly flavored with turmeric. Most often lamb and beef are used. The dish is served with a lot of sweet and sour sauce "acarbouac".
, 07.05.2018
The choice of hotel in Ioannina can be called whole art. Of course, you can order everything on the Booking site, but there are some special features. The Greeks are quite a noisy people. Therefore, in hotels you should not expect silence, besides, the rooms are not cheap. As everywhere there is a concept: "season-off-season." So here, only the season here falls on winter holidays. In a densely populated city, there are a lot of visitors, which means that they book a weekend at the hotel in advance.

If you divide by place categories for a place to sleep, you get something like this:

1. Villas with their own garages, swimming pools and the opportunity to live with their animals.

2. Hotels with beautiful views, a restaurant and a place for a car.

3. Pensions with simple, but quite decent numbers.

4. Two kilometers outside the city on the shore of the lake there is a good camping. But they say that it is rather cramped and uncomfortable if you do not have your own van with a bed.
, 06.05.2018
Очень интересная статья. Мне кажется, что в Леголэнде хочется побывать не только детям, но и взрослым :) Интересно, сколько понадобится времени, чтобы обойти весь торговый центр KSL City? :)
, 06.05.2018
Старинные храмы,музеи,парки -- это просто красота.Ведь как бы мы не хотели,но люди тоже в своём роде волшебники,выдумывая и претворяя в жизнь для нас, с любовью с благородством в душе.Конечно не нужно забывать людей,которые поддерживают и сохраняют эту красоту.
, 05.05.2018
Тематические парки,пальмы,архитектура,общение - что ещё нужно отдыхающим.Посетить,увидеть,пощупать своими руками - просто класс.Автору префект.
, 05.05.2018
Это уже почти современнейший город,который принимает гостей со всего света.Автор справедливо советует побывать на этом месте.
, 03.05.2018
Джохор-Бару может похвастаться и великолепным парком отдыха Хутан Бандар. Здесь вы можете погулять по ухоженным тропинкам в тени местных деревьев (они кстати снабжены информационными табличками), а для детей в парке организованно несколько интерактивных площадок.
В Сингапур мы летим напрямую, транзит нам не нужен. Сам Сингапур является транзитом на пути в Австралию
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